Snapshot restore skipping HA config files etc


I am currently trying to recover from a sd-card failure but am having some issues with restoring the snapshot.

What I am doing:

  • Clean flash of a new image
  • Initialise home assistant and add samba support
  • Upload my snapshot (i use google drive backup)
  • Restore the snapshot (from the web interface or command line)

It seems to recover all add-ons however non of the home assistant configs are being recovered.
I found some other references to similar behaviour but not a real solution.
I also tried recovering using the command-line using a physical keyboard etc but not much more luck.

Any pointers on where I can start looking on what is going wrong?

A am using a Raspberry Pi 3.

Have you been making full snapshots?

You can open the snapshot with winrar, 7zip or similar. Look for a .homeassistant archive inside and open that. It should contain your config files.

It was doing full backups at least that is how I configured it. Looking in the backup it does contain the home assistant archive with the configs. But they do not seem to be recovered.

I did notice that the node red flows where not in the archive.

I was however able to recover them from the old Micro-SD card (which is still readable but not writable)
Any idea where some stuff like the users etc are located?