Snapshot where is it store


Two Questions:

1- i have automate my snapshot, it is running as expected but i was looking to where is it store?

2-Is there a way to automate that the snapshot is store on my hardrive?

There are addons to do this automatically for you, here are a few:

To a NAS: Samba Backup: Create and store snapshots on a Samba share

To Goggle Drive: Add-on: Google Drive Backup

To DropBox: Add-on: Upload hassio snapshots to Dropbox

To NextCloud: [New Addon] Snap-Shipper - Webdav backups (and probably other ways to later on)

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tks… it is working as expected

Is there an idea to kind of streamline this?

There are some great addons (see above) which help automate the process of taking snapshots and moving them around. But there has been a consistent lack of interest in improving the native HA backup process.

One improvement would be to allow the HA user to choose where the initial snapshot goes. Many of us run HA off an SD card, as recommended in the new user documentation. There is a lot of information on this forum suggesting it’s not good to do too many repeated writes to SD cards. But there is no option to create the snapshots anywhere else.

Likewise, automating the backup process would seem a natural thing to offer in the native HA package, but instead we send users to all those different addons for this.

Feel free to open a feature request.

You are not saying what type of install you’re running. Many run the Supervised install, because of the freedom it gives you to manage these kind of things, and also to “tune” the OS to reduce writing to disk and protect your SD / SSD storage. So you get all the benefits of a managed Home Assistant, (supervisor, core, audio etc), but you run it on full-featured Debian instead of a locked-down OS where you can’t do zip.
If you do the install using IOTstack, it is all done from a menu, and you get other features on the side like OS backups, upload to DropBox etc.
Of course you could also just look at the scripts and cook up something yourself.