Snektek Epever Solar Dashboard Monitoring Data Extraction

I’m in the early ish stages of using Home Assistant and one of the things I would very much like to do would be to extract some of the data from the solar data I collect using a snektek Epever Solar Wifi dashboard (a great piece of equipment for monitoring any epever charge controller remotelly), to use within Home Assistant (specifically Battery Voltage) I run a small PC from 12v leisure batteries that I charge through the day from a few solar panels hooked up to the epever charge controller. During the winter months there is not enough sunlight (in the UK) to allow me to run totally off grid so I use a 2A car battery charger to maintain the battery level. I would like to extract the battery voltage from the solar dashboard (webpage) and setup a command within Home Assistant to only turn on the battery charger when the battery voltage falls below a certain level.

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I’m just getting started myself, so forgive me for not writing up a complete solution, but hopefully this points you in the right direction. This seems like a good application for Node-Red. Use an esp32 or similar Arduino to read and report battery voltage via an MQTT service. Node-Red pulls the data and you write a simple logic flow that gives it a threshold to turn on and off an outlet that powers the backup charger.

Good luck!

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Hey Graham, did you get this working? I just ordered a Snektek for my remote Renogy Rover install and came here looking for someone that had integrated into HA already.

Yes had it working for about 6 months now with only the odd issue.
Once you’ve got yours get in touch and we should have it up and running in no time.
Heres how mine looks in HA

The battery voltage one may appear odd to you buts its because the batteries I charge run a couple of off grid (mostly) computers but when there isn’t enough solar to keep the batteries topped up I have a car battery charger setup to kick in automatically using a smart plug at a particular (low) voltage.
I’m in the North East of the UK and the sun at this time of year is often playing Hide & Seek.

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Hey Mark, did you ever get the Snektek box setup?
I ended up having a lot of issues shortly after my last post and have been waiting for the last 3 months for a replacement unit from Jonathan the man behind Snektek. I’m hoping its now in the post but unfortunately its got to get from Canada to the UK!

I did, of a fashion. I ended up feeding mqtt data to a standalone service and had HA pull from that. I did try the REST approach and intend to go back to it at some point but other projects prevail.

You could you help me please?.I also tried with different yaml configurations to see the data from the epever tracer 4210a, connected to Wi-Fi via WiFi 2.4G RJ45, but without success so far. from the cloud platform it always works.

Sorry I don’t have this equipment setup anymore