Sniff an RF remote

I have had swimming pool light’s installed which use a long range 868mhz remote. I would really like to integrate this into HA. I am not sure where to start. Any advice appreciated.

Sorry perhaps haven’t been very clear. They work via a 868mhz keyfob. I was hoping to find a device that could learn the commands sent from the fob and replicate them in a module that may be able to then integrate with HA.

One option is to check if rtl_433 is compatible with your remote. See here:
If it is, use a supported RTL SDR USB dongle to decode the signals and you could use an MQTT output from rtl_433 to create an HA entity.

THanks but its not mentioned. I assume its some form of standard chipset. I need to have a look and see if that helps me further.