Snips AI Hassio Addon - does it work?

Hi there,

I have tried to get the Snips AI add-on for Hassio working on an Raspberry Pi 3 for several days now. I 'be read a lot of posts and docs, but I still cannot get it to work!

The snips log shows it gets the hotword (“Hey, Snips“), it gets the command (i.e. “ turn off all lights“), but home assistant doesn’t do anything.

Thought it could be a MQTT problem, but neither the internal broker nor Mosquitto worked.

So does anyone have an idea? Does anyone even have home assistant with Snips installed on the same machine (RPi3)?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Another try. Tried with Hassbian and manual snips installation. Still no success. Hot word gets recognized, but snips won’t answer (i.e. tell me the weather forecast) nor do anything (turn off the working Philips hue lights).

Any ideas?