Snips is about to die

So, I assume that the snips add on will likely be depreciated at some point due to this news:

I assume that snips devices that people have already setup will still work but since people won’t be able to setup new accounts, it seems likely that this will die off.

Yup, see the official thread here.

No, but it is likely to be deprecated.

Yep, if I had waited about 20 minutes, I’d have had my answer before asking it.

It is depressing to keep seeing these kinds of reports. Not surprising, but certainly depressing.

Probably not depressing at all for Snips’ investors and stakeholders. Acquisitions usually create a mix of happy/unhappy people. Time will tell who benefits the most.

I’m sure they are thrilled.
However, I’m not an investor so…

The depressing part for me was that for all their privacy hype, they wound up selling to a company with a seriously flawed privacy record.

It would be like Home Assistant closing source and selling the IP to Google. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Don’t even raise the idea!

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