SNMP agent support for

SNMP agent is a add-on that could be useful.
Then the status of hardware/system this is running on could be monitored by any monitoring system.

Optional is instructions for how to install this on a system…

I also want this

I also like to monitor my Hassio

Yep, desperately looking forward for this :slight_smile:

Yes, monitoring with SNMP would be very nice:

  • CPU Usage / Total
  • RAM Usage / Total
  • DISK Usage / Total
    Are there any news on this?

Yes Please :slight_smile:

I’ll vote for this as well, there’s definately a need to monitor that the home automation runs smoothly.

Another vote. Since the issue with going to winter time today and the failure of home assistant it would be more than welcome to be able to monitor my instance with snmp as I do with all my other systems. That way I would have been informed of the issues much earlier on.

I should be a simple add of the snmputils package which will allow monitoring the system out of the box.

Check this out - hassio-snmpd/ at 2288c0f6cfd9df0462783cd59abfb7beacb4eab1 · darthsebulba04/hassio-snmpd · GitHub

I have it installed on my HassOS and am monitoring it using LibreNMS.

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This addon no longer works, but there is an alternative solution here: