SNMP bandwidth monitor using statistics

Maybe installing some device inline that does support SNMP.

I’ve contacted Ubiquiti to understand why they aren’t supporting SNMP on the UDR, but haven’t received a reply yet.

You can actually SSH into the UDR and install SNMP, according to some websites I found. It’s “just” a Linux system, after all. That said, I haven’t done it myself and you may void your warranty or right to any support from them.

Thanks, yeah I did read something similar but wasn’t sure. I’ll look into it and see how I go
Thanks again for the reply

Hi Jim,

I have an UDR, I’m wondering if these sensors should work for me as well. Frankly, I’ve never used snmp, I am not aware of the basics either. For example I don’t know if the baseoids are generic, thy are the same for each router, or they are unique. If they are unique, where can I find the ones that work for my UDR?

Is it enough if I just enable snmp, or shall I also grant access rights?

Sorry for the very junior questions and thank you in advance.


SNMP is not available on the UDR. Good luck getting info out of Ubiquiti: they’re not saying why it isn’t supported or whether it’s on a roadmap.

Hm. You are right. The setting was available, but only for my AP, not for my UDR. First time I thought, that it’s applicable for each device. :frowning:

Take a look at this: Installing snmpd on Ubiquity Dream Machine Pro - Brandon Checketts

I was able to install SNMPD on my UDR but didn’t have time to look for correct baseoid.