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SNMP component started complaining on authkey and privkey for snmpv3



I’ve had the snmp device tracker up and running fine for a few weeks, with authkey and privkey config for snmpv3.

Know in since the latest few updates (running nuc-image/latest in docker), I am getting configuration complains that the authkey and privkey config-params are not supported.

Have snmv3 support been removed?! There is no mention in the docs, they still describe configuring these parameters.

Additionally, why is the notification text in HA, almost impossible to copy paste??
It’s impossible to select the text, in firefox at least, and I only got at text via the Info(I) page, and the log printouts there.
But even there it was trick to access the text in the browser, as if some javascript junk is trying to protect it from copying?
Clicking an log-entry, and then pressing mark all, doesnt mark ANY text??

Anyway, here is the log error (its a bit weird which data is redacted??):

Offending data: {“platform”: “snmp”, “interval_seconds”: “”, “host”: “”, “community”: “”, “authkey”: “NotMyRealPsw”, “privkey”: “NotMyRealPsw”, “baseoid”: “”}


This is how it really looks…


The latest update changed the way configuration is handled, that’s why you’re seeing these errors. The way you describe it, this is either bug in the SNMP component or, most likely, a bug in the documentation, so you should open an issue on github about it.


Thanks a lot!



Where do I find a description of the changes made to the config?

And If I was a developer(my plan is to write a plugin for the SIP messaging protocol (rfc3261)), where would have been informed of the coming change beforehand?

Just the release-notes of previous versions? Blog entries?


The best thing will be the release notes and commits. Normally breaking changes for users are published in the blog.


My problem was that I tought/assumed that the “latest” tag for the nuc-image, would be latest released version, since there are beta and dev labels/tags as well.

Now it seems latest includes images of HA with beta-level, where documentation is not yet released.

It would be nice with a image-tag for latest non-beta, at least for a lazy newbie with docker and watchtower updating my docker image :slight_smile: