SNMP Counters Mikrotik

My goal is to monitor traffic on a mikrotik interface with snmp.
To do this I need the bytes-in and bytes-out MIB. I’ve found these in the MT terminal and added them to my config.yaml
sadly it doesn’t work. When I try the same OID in an SNMP tester tool I do get the info.
Errors-in/out are possible to read with homeassistant, temperature and voltage of the mikrotik aswell.
To me it seems that the value is too big for homeassistant to handle.
At the moment byte’s in value is 546496432679.
I get no errors when restarting homeassistant with this configuration but the bytes in/out also isn’t added to entities.

try to add this stuffs into snmp configuration

community: 'public’
version: 2c

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