SNMP - Energy Watts (wh) taken from my UPS


I’m looking to use the SNMP integration (SNMP - Home Assistant) to pull back the oid of the watt hours (wh) it uses.

Please could someone help me with the template I should use in the configuration.yaml, and also how I would go about converting wh to just watts ?

Watts and Watt Hours are two different things.
Watts is a measurment of power, how much power is being used, how much power can be provided and so on
Watt Hours is a measurment of energy or capacity, specifically 1 Wh is 1W sustaned or sustainable for 1 hour.

You may be looking at the wrong measurement.

Thanks and I totally agree,

To put it a slightly different way one Watt hour is equal to one Watt of average power flow over an hour. I also saw this but I not sure how that could be translated in ha :roll_eyes:

I accept that it’s not going to be an accurate ‘point in time’ measurement of power being used , but that’s all it provides so my ultimate goal here is just to be able to retrieve that value via snmp and then have HASS correctly represent it on the dashboard,

What is your UPS model?

I have an Eaton 5P 1150.