SNMP template

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Hello everybody,
I Want to use snmp template to monitor my firewall interface speed.
What template can I use to have my speed interface in MBits/s or MBytes/s please?

At the moment my OID interface is working but data are wrong because I have to make a template.

Thanks you for your help.

Just make a template to multiply it by 8 (MByte to Mbit).

Thanks you but i try a template and it doesn’t work.

I explain you what I want :
I have a data with the OID. This data is the byte quantity on this interface and not the speed interface.
I have to make a calculation before use this data.

I want to use a calculation like that in my template :
[(FW-ETH1-IN60) - (FW-ETH1-IN) / 60] => this calculation will give me the speed interface.
Example : ((1200 - 600) / 60) = 10 mb/s

The (FW-ETH1-IN60) is the same that (FW-ETH1-IN) but at +60 seconds.

I used this to have the last status but it displays the time and not the value.

{% set values = [ states.sensor.FW_ETH1_IN.last_triggered ] %}

Can you tell me what can I use to have the value instead of the time please?

If you get the last_triggered value you will indeed get the time it was last triggered. The value is just stored in:
{% set values = states('sensor.FW_ETH1_IN') %}

Doe you also have the value of 60 seconds ago?

With your template, I haven’t the value of 60 ago.
I have the instant value.

So, make an automation to save that value into a input_number :slight_smile:

Sorry for late.

Thanks you for answer but how can I code this automation to have this value in input_number please?
Thanks you for replies.

Can anybody help me please?
I don’t know how to use input-number for my need.