Snmpwalk command in binary.senser presence Not working. Help (UBuntu/Docker/HASSIO 0.102.1)

HASSIO 0.102.1 running in docker on Ubuntu (new setup)
I am trying to parse my wireless controller mac table to see if my phone is connected, the snmpwalk command below works fine from the ubuntu command prompt.
Cant get this to work, tried various different syntax etc
in the debug logs it just shows the the command is run , but unlike a ping binary sensor i have used as a comparison i see no results for it to check.
Any Guidance please. Is the snmpwalk command available to hassio natively ? not seeing any error in logs when running the command.


  - platform: command_line
    name: Steve_Phone_Presence
    command: 'snmpwalk -v 2c -On -n vlan-0 -c public | awk ''/ { print $1 }'' | wc -l'
    device_class: Presence
    payload_on: 1
    payload_off: 0
    scan_interval: 30

That I could not tell you, but how about the integration that already exists?

Thanks, yes i did see that was available, but was assuming that given i am receiving a set of results back, eg a table of connected device mac addresses, i would need to be using snmpwalk to get them all. I cant be specific with the oid, i need all the entries sat under it. But i dont know for a fact so its worth a try.