SNZB-02D Temp/Humidity Sensor - Pull data using ZHA

Hello all,

I have experienced some limitations regarding the frequency this sensor is sending data (e.g.: if temp changes with 0.5, it send the new value immediately, vor changes less than 0.5 it takes 15 min to send the new value and if there are no changes, it could be more than 1 hour).

Anyway, there are great news! I have noticed that it is possible to Pull/Fetch data using a specific command. I could do it only using Manage Zigbee device from ZHA.

2220 → 22.2 C

I would like to Pull the data from Node Red and I noticed there are some services available, but I could not manage to use them. I think it would be useful for many users if someone could help with an example in Home Assistant → Developer Tools → Services

This is what I tried, but without success:

service: zha.issue_zigbee_cluster_command
endpoint_id: 1
cluster_id: 1026
command: 0
command_type: client
ieee: XX:XX:XX:ff:fe:cf:31:15
cluster_type: in

It seems that arguments are mandatory, but I do not know what to provide.

Could you please help to get the same output as I got in the command from Manage ZigBee Device?

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Hello All,

I have figured out how to pull the temperature from this sensor.
I succeeded using Node Red as follow:

It can be done with HA Automation as well.

It was a stupid question :slight_smile: , I got confused by other topics and could not imagine it is so simple to read the temperature.

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