SNZB-03P 5-second “cooldown”

I read that the SNZB-03P cooldown time can be as low as 5 seconds, can this be set in Home Assistsnt?

It’s connected to Home Assistsnt through a SkyConnect using ZHA, I’ve looked at the settings in the “Manage Zigbee Device” section, but I’ve never made any adjustments through this section. I don’t see anything that looks obvious to me, and dont know what I would need to change it to if it’s there.

Does anyone know of this can be done in home assistant, or is it something that can only be changed when connected to a Sonoff hub?

Also, the “Occupancy” sensor seems to be working for me, but the “Motion” srndor always seems to be ”detected”.

You can configure the cooldown time here. The default is 60 sec, you can set it to 5 sec.
**Note that these battery powered device usually stays in sleep mode(for saving battery), and you may need to press the device button to wake it up, then you can successfully configure it.

Only the “Occupancy” works.

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Thanks! That worked perfectly, not sure how I missed it.

I’m using this to turn off my basement lights when I close the door. I can now set it so it will not turn them off if I close the door while I’m on the basement stairs. (I live alone, so I don’t have to worry about someone else closing the door while I’m in the basement, and I have a master switch that disables automations when I have someone performing service in the basement)

Thanks again!