SofaBaton X1 Integration Request

The newly released SofaBaton X1 and older U1 would be great to have an integration for. This appears to be a pretty good Logitech Harmony remote replacement, so it would be really nice to be able to control the hub and app just like the current Harmony integration.

It seems there is an Alexa skill available. So perhaps a HA integration would be possible too? Sadly I don’t have the skills to develop it myself.


same here. is there a way to formally make a request

If you enable the SofaBaton API interface, you will get a list of HTTP calls that can turn on or off your different activities. It’s not a complete solution, but a pretty good start. That with Roku emulator, and I have a pretty good replacement for my Harmony Elite.

In addition, most of my devices are already available in HA. I can use the Appte TV integration to control content and change volume with the HA Sony integration.

Only issue is those HTTP calls you can hit are completely public, not obfuscated or secured in any way, not even a simple key.

Is the API cloud based or is it possible to handle API calls offline?

I‘m afraid the API seems to be only Cloud based, here is an example

I worked out integrating but it is not very great and the Harmony integration is much better.

How did you do it? And how does it work?

It’s not only cloud based, it’s completely open and public. If anyone gets your particular web address for that call they can control your gear. there’s no access control or security whatsoever.