Soft Reload/Restart does not apply configuration changes, rebooting server does


I’m running into an issue where if I make a configuration change to the .yaml file, then none of the soft restart options I can find will actually apply the change. When I go to Developer Tools, the config check always says that the config is valid, and when I press the restart button, it acts like its restarting, meaning that it cautions me that certain things are unavailable until things fully start up, and then after 15 seconds or so everything acts like its started up, but the change that I added to the YAML didn’t apply.
If I reboot the PC (or actually the VM in this case) then the change is applied successfully.
I’m running the latest version of Home Assistant OS 8.4
The change that I’m trying to apply at the moment is adding another binary_sensor via MQTT, but I’ve seen this behavior no matter what I’m changing.
Any help is appreciated.