Soil moisture sensor that works with hass on raspi

I’m looking for a moisture sensor that works with my raspberry pi running home assistant for a plant automation project I’m working on. Does anyone have any suggestions and how I would integrate them so I can automate watering?

Hi there, You can look into the below project. You can configure mqtt with this so it would be easy to integrate into HA.

If you want to use esphome please have a look at

I am using this:

Its a Capacitive sensors, so it will not pollute the soil and selfdestruct (#207 Why most Arduino Soil Moisture Sensors suck (incl. solution) - YouTube)

It comes with the plast case and a battery, but I have had to cut a hole for the USB-C charging plug, so I can charge it without disassembling it.
I have a USB-C hub with 5 ports and 5x2m cables, so I can charge plant sensors next to each other at the same time.
I measure 4 times a day and the sensor is set up with a static IP to minimize network traffic, which give around 2 months of batteri time.
I could just leave the USB-C hub plugged in a I would have power on at all times, if that is wanted.

Does this work with Home Assistant running on a raspberry pi?

If you don’t mind buying an ESP32 as an interface device then the Xiaomi Flower sensors are a perfect device for what you want to do.

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Sorry monranrar. I did not see a notice about your post.

The sensor can work in several way, but you need to program it. ESPHome might be a solution too, since it is a ESP32.
There are code examples for a HTTP Post reporting, which I changed to MQTT reporting, which is really simple.
I am looking into changing it again to pure ESP-Now (no WIFI fallback), since that would require way less power and up the battery time alot.