Soil moisture

This seems like a good, solid sensor but it’s not exactly plug’n’play into my Zwave network

Anybody has ideas of what would be needed to make this into a remote sensor with Zigbee or Zwave connectivity?


Mi flora are working well with BLE, and you get also temperature, luminance added to moisture.

You can either gather information with the embedded bluetooth component of a pi or with an ESP32.

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And they work from a coin cell battery which lasts ages, no wires coming out the top, or power supply to manage.

Never tried one with a pi, but works well with esphome. Thoroughly recommended.

Will Esphome tracker hub work with ether version of the Mi flora (INT/CN)?

It certainly works with the chinese version (which I have).

I’ve been looking at the various Mi flora shops.
I’m beginning to think the only difference between the two versions in what language the manual. And perhaps what app version the manual points to.

Where you required to use the chinese version of the app?

I have never used the app. Just connected to esp32.

I just reviewed the docs and it does say

Before you can even scan for the MiFlora sensor, you need to activate it using the Flower Care app. Set it up there and you’ll be able to discover it.

But I was impatient and it worked anyway.

That was the only hurdle that worried me between the INT/CN versions.

And I think I just stumbled upon the answer to circumvent the version difference.

As I have said, from my experience you don’t need to use any app. So stop worrying about it.

Just thinking ahead.

Hope for the best.
Prepare for the worst.

Of course. I have 4 of them and have only implemented one. If anything changes with the other three I will let you know. (And you can say I told you so!)