Soil mosture wifi

Hi guys,
I’m trying to automate my irrigation system and i’d like to add a soil moisture sensor. I was looking for the mi flora since is ha compatible but it’s bluetooth. I need some kind of wifi since my nuc is too far from my garden and i doubt that can receive data from the sensor.
Any suggestion?

For remote stuff I use a raspberry pi running HA connected to whatever sensors/switches.

I use rest_command, command_line_switch/sensor or rest_switch/sensor to pull/push data from remote RasPi to HA server. There are MQTT options to connect HA instances but they not work or integrate in a manageble fashion for me.

@Herian - What distance are you looking for? My valve controller is Ethernet based so I’m looking at wiring the moisture sensors back to or close to that controller and integrating there. I’ll share what I come up with as I work through it the next few weeks.

I have 2 electrical valve controlled by a sonoff 4ch. Distance is around 10m more or less but is outside and my nuc (where ha is installed) is inside my house, after 2 walls. I think bluetooth cannot reach

What I meant by wiring the sensors back to the valve controller was the fact that the actual moisture sensor part would be on the far end of the 10M wire and the bluetooth part would be inside near your sonoff switch. A single pair of shielded wire should be able to do the job.

Wire is not an option unfortunately…

If you use an ESP board running ESPHome as a Bluetooth to wiif bridge it will allow about a 5-10m reliable line of sight connection to the mi-flora.

Be aware though that the batteries in the mi-flora only last about two months.

Mmm converting bluetooth to wifi seems good, but i’m not that skilled to do it by myself (or there is some guide for dummies). There’s no a bluetooth to wifi bridge to buy? Or the simple solution will be a moisture sensor wifi instead of bluetooth

@Herian - I understand your need for wireless.

For others reading this message, here’s the sensor I’m going to use: Yes, it must be waterproofed for outdoor use.

Four of these will be wired into a Raspberry Pi that will be programmed to send MQTT messages back to HA.