Solana Anchor: cannot fetch state

i have problem when try to test my solana smart contract. I have this message: problem log there are my rust code and test code, also how can i get response from the function?

    pub struct Games {
        admin: Pubkey,
        pub list: Vec<IGame>,
    #[derive(AnchorSerialize, AnchorDeserialize, Clone)]
    pub struct IGame {
        pub id: String,
        pub players: Vec<Pubkey>,
        pub price_sol: u64,
        pub win: u64,

    impl Games {
        // constructor
        pub fn new(ctx: Context<Auth>) -> anchor_lang::Result<Self> {
            Ok(Self {
                admin: *ctx.accounts.user.key, // admin
                list: Vec::new(),



    pub struct Auth<'info> {
        user: Signer<'info>,