Solar generation power stays in last known value after inverter goes offline

Has anyone encountered a similar situation:

  1. I have my Solis solar inverter integrated via a third-party integration available in HACS.
  2. I have configured it in Energy (management) for energy data but also separately as current power output from the panels.
  3. In the evening, once the inverter goes offline, the current solar output power continues to show the last known value, ie. if the last known power generated was 20W, the current power output continues to show generation of 20W until the unit turns back on next morning. In reality is should be zero, right.

What could be done to prevent this value from showing when in reality there is no value received at all (offline)?

I have a similar situation from my Growatt inverter and raised it as an issue with the Growatt integration.
There is no guarantee on a timed solution…i.e. whenever the dev’s have time and see this as a prio they will look at it.