Solar hybrid inverter choice

What would be a good inverter to choose in the UK, that works well (allows control) with Home Assistant and Ocotpus Agile?

I am up for some tinkering, but ideally it would be a well trodden path that works properly.

I don’t know what the Octopus thing is, but Sunsunk is in your country and can be integrated with HA in several ways.

Thanks, I am considering Solis too.

Are most of the integrations for inverters allowing for control of charge / discharge?

Lux Power is another that’s cropping up as suitable here too.

I use Solar Assistant connected to my Sunsunk inverter and it allows one to change settings, if enabled. It connects via MQTT. Solar Assistant support a variety of inverters. Note that you need to pay for the software (once-off), get the right cable (they sell these too) and a Raspberry Pi.

Looks like solis integration with HA is either easy or a bit of a faff depending on which model datalogger you get with it (and you can’t tell in advance I think): GitHub - fboundy/ha_solis_overview: Home Assistant Solis Overview

I think Sunsynk is & Solar Assistant is the way to do it. Defined route with support, and cut out the often basic manufacturer integrations. Thanks.

I use a Solax with the Solax modbus/tcp integration. Works perfectly :slight_smile:

There’s Stephan Joubert’s integration too, but it doesn’t work with Sunsynk’s own data logger.

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Sadly I think they don’t support 48v batteries, though this is hard to verify…

Can’t see where to buy Solarman data loggers here so that is probably out for me.

Now leaning back towards Solis despite the HA connection faff (easiest way looks to buy the S2 logger and forget about Solis cloud), as it has easy setup of Predbat / PV Opt. Sunsynk doesn’t seem to have a project devoted to Solar prediciton and Agile pricing yet as far as I can see.

Getting a bit confused here re which process actually allows changes to be made to the inverter, some of these seem to be read only, or am I misunderstanding this?

I can only comment with certainty about my setup, which is a definite yes: You can set it to read-only (by HA), or you can allow HA to change settings (I use the functionality).