Solar Inverter and Battery from Alpha Ess to MQTT

Hi all,

this is my first post and I just wanted to share a small project with you how I get data from my Solar Inverter from AlphaESS into Home Assistant via MQTT.
It is a small Java-Application that polls the cloud service of Home Assistant, so not the best solution but quiet sufficient for my needs so far. As it fits my needs, I did not work on it a lot more, but you and your ideas might increase the need.

Now to the App. Code is available here: vdwals / alphaesscloud2mqtt ā€” Bitbucket. The source code comes additionally with a Dockerfile and a docker-compose.yml. So you can build a Docker container running the application on a raspberry pi 4 with DietPi (other should work, too).

So easiest start would be: Check code out locally, adapt the docker-compose.yml (environment variables) and run

docker-compose build
docker-compose up -d

I hope you can use it and enjoy it. Iā€™d love to here about your thoughts. As mentioned, it totally fits my needs so far and it was developed quickly, so it is not set up pretty as open source project etc. In case you have interest, I will spend time and adjust it to the needs of an open source community.
There might be less resource intensive or more integrative ways of achiving the same, reading your ideas would be interesting, too.

Thanks to all of you for your great work and help. Iā€™m a very happy user of Home Assistant and thought it might be time to start giving something back.


Great to see someone else keen on interfacing with Alpha ESS.
With Alpha ESS keen to prevent anyone interfacing with them I assume you will have the same issues as the other projects where Alpha keep breaking the interface and you will need to keep tweaking it to get around their new anti-scraping measures.
The open source project that is currently active and working is GitHub - CharlesGillanders/homeassistant-alphaESS: Monitor your energy generation, storage, and usage data using an unofficial API from Alpha ESS

Hi, absolutely, yes.
Thanks for the link. I already started to think about running the WebApp virtually on GraalVM and then graping the stream from there instead of adapting continuosly.
The latest update was quite easy to work around, but they already anounced the next change for upcoming weekend. Iā€™m curious what they bring up :slight_smile:

can you use this integration?

and there build a new API

I will have a look, but as far as I have seen, yet the Open API supports less features. E.g. I control my EV-Charger more precisely than the onboard settings allow to, combining the PV-Output, Calendar and EV-Battery-Status-Information.