Solar motion light ESP integration

So, before anyone bites my head off for this being a dumb idea, I have many reasons for doing this, one is a learning curve.

I want to integrate one of these little solar motion lights to ESP32. My goal here is to

A). Use it as a motion sensor to report motion
B). be able to manually override the sensor and turn the lights on.

Im starting with the motion part, from what I can find out online is that the motion sensor should pass 3v3 on the signal line when activated.

Im trying to tap off the back of the motion sensor and into my ESP32, however when doing so it stops the rest of the circuit for the light operating correctly. The light turns on, then times out but will not trigger again unless I disconnect the wires for the ESP32.

Any ideas? Do I need something as simple as a diode?


I think a schematic would help. Pictures really don’t tell much in this case.
You also need to share your ESPHome code.