Solar powered powerbank ... too inefficient for Solar powered weather station?

I wanted to measure pollution around me, so built a simple ESPHome based system with a nodeMCU, SDS011 and DHT22. To fuel it, I found a solar powered powerbank and printed a box for everything.

Unfortunately now it seems, although most of the day the battery pack is in direct sunlight, it is not enough to keep the battery full.

So my questions before I make a similar mistake again…

  1. was it a stupid thought to use a batter powered power bank? Are they simply not efficient enough?
  2. What system would give enough power so it charges full during the day and has enough capacity during the night and some bad days?

Thanks for your ideas!

I build this configuration also and had the same idea, I found that the SDS and the Wifi takes quite some power. Depending on the frequency you could ESP8266 (I used a NodeMCU) into deepsleep. I kept is connected to a 5V adapter with a long wire.

For another project I used 4 x 5W solar panels but in reality they did not enough power to run during daylight a small blower and stay alive during the night. I choose to install solar panel on the roof en use 240V with an adapter

No answer yet, but I am also interested how other manage to keep weather station with a SDS011 alive on solar panels.

Thanks Eddy. Interesting to hear your experience. Didn’t think the sds was going to use so much. I’ll consider reducing the polling time and investigate deep sleep but likely won’t be enough. Unfortunately outside I don’t have the option to pull a wire and measuring pollution inside defeats the purpose …

I set up a weather station with a solar system.

1 unit, 8w solar panel
2 units of 18650 and 1600 mha.
1 unit ESP D1 mini.

If it is a good day, no problem. But two days of snow and the system died. In the end I have wired and removed the solar panel.