Solar production incorrect

Hi, I configured my Home Assistant Energy Dashboard. It works. Most of it seems to work well. But I believe the Solar Production values are incorrect.

This drawing is telling that I have solar production in the middle of the night, which is impossible and which also does not correspond to the info of my SolarEdge monitoring app.
In the Energy Setup, I configured the Solar Production with this entity: “solaredge (AC Energy kWh)”, which seemed correct to me as it is the only non-battery entity that has kWh as unit of measurement.
Now I believe that SolarEdge is not featuring an entity that is correct for HomeAssistant. So I would need to define a new entity, using a calculation on top of other entities. Can anyone comment?

I have a similar issue, my growatt integration sensor on power from my panel does not go to 0 so it continues to provide fake production.
When I switch to the energy sensor which just grows eternally, then it is fine this just stops increasing when sun is down.
Check first in history if this is the case.
If so, as this data usually come in through an integration , you’d have to address this with its devs

Thanks for your reaction. I don’t think I understand:

I’m using an energy entity (kWh). Not a power entity (W or kW).

I was under the impression that it is required to use the entities with Energy unit_of_measurement in the HA Energy dashboard configuration. Never the power ones. So I’m good there, right?

I’m not sure. I assume that the SolarEdge entities in HA are simply the measurements that SolarEdge makes available via its APIs. This would imply that HA requires an entity that SolarEdge does not offer by default. Therefore, I’d need to create the entity by multiplying some other ones, which the inverter does offer, and which are therefore available in HA. This should be possible as a configuration from my side, instead of ‘an enhancement to the code’ by the devs.

Thanks in advance for your insights

That is correct but I wanted to illustrate how this could have happened.
I previously used a energy sensor, derived from the power. As the power did not go to 0, also my energy sensor did not hence showing incorrect data
So, assuming that you donot derive but use a sensor created by the integration, then please check history for that sensor and if this indeed shows non-0 too then address it with the integration.
Show sensors and data please as words are only continuing on guesswork

Indeed, I do not derive the energy entity. It is one of the list, provided by the SolarEdge Modbus intergation. I’ll continue to look in the SolarEdge Modbus API definitions to find for a better way to capture the solar panel energy.