Solar PV and Invertor - what automations are you creating?

Hi al! I’m considering a battery, invertor and Solar PV install. But I’m curious…. What automations are folks here using once you have the entities added to Home Assistant???

I don’t yet have the hardware set up to do this, but what I’m planning to do is start with voice announcements when either battery voltage or battery capacity drop to critical levels (46 volts DC and 25% capacity). Future ideas are to disable high-draw devices with heavy duty relays (like the Shelly Pro devices) to conserve power.

The handiest automation I have is one that switches on my geyser if my battery is fully charged.

I use Home Assistant as the timer for my geyser - switch on every day at 15:00 for 3 hours - but also to switch it on when the battery is at 100% to avoid sending power to the grid (I can’t sell power back to the grid).

I also send myself a push notification when the grid power goes off, which is a state I get from my inverter, and switch off high power devices like my geyser and A/C.

I use solar assistant to get data from the growatt hybrid and DIY batteries.
I turn on a grid tie inverter when batteries are high, off when load is high.