Solar Weather Station - Working ESP 8266 wemos D1 mini BMP180 GY - 68 Pressure Sensor

I am working on a Solar Powered Weather Station. I have the temperature setup and it is working, which I will post more pictures and information and files later.

The main thing that I wanted was an air pressure sensor. After ordering a BMP180 and not being able to get that to work, I then ordered a BMP280 which seemed to be a good idea, so I thought.

I had no luck, yesterday evening I was sat in the living room on my laptop trying different configurations, and after the clock hit 01:30 OMG I went to bed.

This morning I got back at it.

I went back to the beginning…

I setup the BMP 280 and BMP180 on a elgoo uno R3 to check that the sensor was working ok.

Once I tested and all was well, I went back to the wemos D1 mini and reconnected everything checking that all connections were correct.

I re compiled and reconnected the D1 mini to HA and hey presto all good, I now have the next part configured for my project.

How did I do this you ask?

Here goes, wiring first

Yellow - VIN on BMP180 to 3v3(3.3) on Board
Green - Ground on BMP180 to G on Board
Grey - SCL on BMP180 to D3 on Board
Purple - SDA on BMP180 to D4 on Board

Make sure that you have ic2 enabled. This is fairly easy and I just followed

I installed using the USB instructions.

This is a copy of the yaml. I suggest setting up your nodemcu (esp8266) first, then start uploading the following code.

  sda: D4
  scl: D3
  scan: True
  id: bus_a
  - platform: bmp085

      name: "Outside Pressure"
    update_interval: 5s

I now have a working pressure sensor. I am happy to anwser any questions, be gentle, I am just starting out and not very experienced.

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