Solaredge integration doesn't give data

I am using the SolarEdge integration that uses the uses the SolarEdge Monitoring API. Since 5-jul-2022, I don’t get any data! Nothing in the logs. I did a re-install with the correct site-id and api key, but that also did not help. Any suggestions?

No one with any suggestion?

The latest updates have broken the intergration. I have the same issue when I updated.

I found out the call which is made bij HA:<siteid>/overview.json?api_key=<apikey>

and got:

  "overview": {
    "lastUpdateTime": "2022-07-05 11:05:04",
    "lifeTimeData": {
      "energy": 144279840
    "lastYearData": {
      "energy": 45322476
    "lastMonthData": {
      "energy": 1729908
    "lastDayData": {
      "energy": 0
    "currentPower": {
      "power": 0
    "measuredBy": "INVERTER"

So the data of the API is not updated since July 5th. Seems not to be a problem of HA.