SolarEdge keeps changing ip-address

Does anyone else using a SolarEdge inverter see it changing IP address regularly? Ive set it up with a manual IP address in the router, but still, every once in a too frequent while, I need to adapt my ping sensors to the changed IP address…

So, strictly speaking probably not a HA issue, but would hope anyone of you being able to give me a tip how to solve this?

I think what you are looking for is either reserving the address in the DHCP settings on your router or setting a static IP on the SolarEdge device itself.

yes, thanks, that’s what I do, reserving the address in the router:

and yet it changes frequently (few times a week, just now as a matter of fact), forcing me to change the binary ping sensors all the time…

Anything in the router logs?

not really, at least not concerning the addresses involved. Can’t login to the inverter, or, set anything Ip- address related there.
Maybe there are ‘real life buttons’ for settings on the inverter, must check :wink:

Maybe another dhcp server active?

wouldn’t even know how that could be done on the router? but, let’s consider that an option, this is only happening to the SolarEdge inverter. Where would I start looking best? In the Inverter settings, or elsewhere.

How do I find if there is a rogue DHCP server on my Network?
I think the easiest way is to deactivate the dhcp server on your router and see if clients get ip’s anyway.