SolarEdge local API issue

HI, I have set up a SolarEdge inverter model SE4000H and I would like to use its local API to access it. I know my inverter IP, but I cannot access directly to it and thus I guess is why my local API configuration.yaml is not working for me. I have also tried the cloud based solar edge API and this one’s working fine (although with the usual 10 min delay I would prefer to avoid). I would like to fix my local IP connection or local API connection. Could you please help me? I have found one or to threads of people talking about this local API and thus I would like to ask you, just in case you miss this post (hope you don’t mind): So, @carbuthn, @petro, @Palermo, @walrus_parka, @Denman2103 could you please help figuring out what’s wrong with my local API?? Thanks in advance!!

I set up my local connection a long time ago mainly because SolarEdge’s website stopped working, the company that installed the system reloaded the firmware and the output of the inverter was limited to about 6 kW (10 kW system). They replaced the inverter and the local information worked for about a day before I believe the company changed something to keep me from looking at the configuration menu. In any case I can’t use the Home Assistant parameters. Sorry I can’t help you.

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Thank you anyway for your answer Charles. Hope the other solaredge users can help me a little bit with my issue with solaredge local integration.

So noone @petro, @Palermo, @walrus_parka, @Denman2103 is using local API solar-edge integration?? I guess that means that SolarEdge has unable local data option and every single data has to come from their cloud ¿? That’s a pity.

Sorry don’t have these devices, cant really help.

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There are a couple of guys who have created custom components that will help you out. Solar Edge have removed the local endpoint in a recent firmware update.


Hi, for a few days i no longer receive anything in Home Assistant, but when i test from web browser it work. Is the solaredge integration got broken in the latest Home Assistant?

I’m looking for a confirmation of the same thing.
My new SolarEdge inverter does indeed display the local IP’s webserver ‘Commissioning’ pages just fine, but the HA entities list page shows no sensors from it after setting up the platform and IP in configuration.yaml ??

I am about to purchase panels and need to choose an inverter. SolarEdge is one that the installer is offering, in particular EnergyHub. Can anyone suggest models that are best for integration? Or what questions need to be answered?

SolarEdge is good brand but they are hard core capitalists. This means even after 1 year you can have a totally incompatible system with their new products. Plus they did a very nasty thing this year. Last year it was possible to run off-grid in backup mode without battery, but this year they pushed a software update and now you have to buy 8,000 USD battery backup if you need backup power when the grid is down. I would not buy SolarEdge again thats for sure.

That is discouraging. I am also reading bad reviews of their customer service. Is there a different brand that has comparable technology, but is more user friendly?

Hi jds, although I understand rancho’s point of view, I have to say that I’m really happy with my SolarEdge setup. It’s been working flawlessly almost for two years now. And indeed my inverter is now very easily integrated with Home Assistant via the Solaredge integration. Solid performance.