SolarEdge local API issue

HI, I have set up a SolarEdge inverter model SE4000H and I would like to use its local API to access it. I know my inverter IP, but I cannot access directly to it and thus I guess is why my local API configuration.yaml is not working for me. I have also tried the cloud based solar edge API and this one’s working fine (although with the usual 10 min delay I would prefer to avoid). I would like to fix my local IP connection or local API connection. Could you please help me? I have found one or to threads of people talking about this local API and thus I would like to ask you, just in case you miss this post (hope you don’t mind): So, @carbuthn, @petro, @Palermo, @walrus_parka, @Denman2103 could you please help figuring out what’s wrong with my local API?? Thanks in advance!!

I set up my local connection a long time ago mainly because SolarEdge’s website stopped working, the company that installed the system reloaded the firmware and the output of the inverter was limited to about 6 kW (10 kW system). They replaced the inverter and the local information worked for about a day before I believe the company changed something to keep me from looking at the configuration menu. In any case I can’t use the Home Assistant parameters. Sorry I can’t help you.

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Thank you anyway for your answer Charles. Hope the other solaredge users can help me a little bit with my issue with solaredge local integration.

So noone @petro, @Palermo, @walrus_parka, @Denman2103 is using local API solar-edge integration?? I guess that means that SolarEdge has unable local data option and every single data has to come from their cloud ¿? That’s a pity.

Sorry don’t have these devices, cant really help.

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There are a couple of guys who have created custom components that will help you out. Solar Edge have removed the local endpoint in a recent firmware update.