Solaredge Modbus - access initial configuration

This is my first go with HA, following documentation for the Solaredge Modbus integration.
I have this downloaded and installed via HAC.
Documentation says to restart HA, the go to “Configuration” and this is where I’m stuck. HA doesn’t have a Configuration tab any more and I simply can’t find where I should be entering the required details like IP address etc,

Any assistance welcome, thanks.

Please post a link to the documentation.
There could be multiple duplicated custom integrations, so we cannot be sure what doc you’re following

Thanks. The document I was following is here …

Specifically the bit that goes …
"Back over in Home Assistant, you are going to be using HACS and I’m going to assume that you know what it is and how to use it! Under HACS Integrations, explore the repositories and search for SolarEdge Modbus. There will be a couple of results, but choose the one worded exactly like this. Once installed, reboot Home Assistant, and then head back to Configuration and add this component as an integration."

Right, got it. The missing step was that I needed to add the integration from “Settings / Devices and Services”, even though it’s already been added via HAC.