SolarEdge only loads two sensors, the remainder unavailable

SolarEdge integration install for the first time to monitor my new SE10000 inverter.
I get a list of 21 entities, but all are shown as “unavailable” except for two:

  • sensor.solaredge_current_power
  • sensor.solaredge_lifetime_energy

The inverter has consumption monitoring so all the sensors should be available?
Anyone have any ideas on why/how to fix?

Hello reynos,
Did you ever get a resolution on this. I have just had my system commisioned and I am seeing exactly the as you.

Hi Stuart,
Did not find a resolution for the native Solaredge intergration. I went with the Solaredge Modbus custom instead, much better because it’s all local.

Here’s how to enable Modbus on your inverter:

  1. Enable Wi-Fi on the inverter by switching the toggle switch on the inverter to “P” position for less than 5 seconds.

  2. Connect to the inverter access point like you would any Wi-Fi network, the password is on the RHS of the inverter.

  3. Open up a browser to > Site Communication.

  4. From this webpage you can enable modbus TCP.

Great, thanks for the info.
Does enabling the ModBus stop the inverter from communicating to the cloud?

Does not affect the cloud comms, it just enables the Modus protocol over Ethernet/Wifi.
I’m running both.

Thanks, will give it a try