Solarman - Sofar Inverter - not giving the correct data in the energy dashboard


I have some trouble setting up the energy dashboard. I have a Sofar invertor connected through a Solarman app integrated in HA with the Stephan Joubert integration (
Whenever I try to use the entity ‘Solarman Daily production’ entity in the enegry dashboard configuration, the graph (and calculation table) starts with a negative value at 6-7 am in the morning being the daily production of the day before, as seen in the picture below. How can this be avoided?

Same issue as you! I have done the integration but a new day starts with a negative production.The problem could be the datalogger version (following serial number) that is not fully supported.

I have the same issue, any solution found yet?

No …still need help

Same issue here. Still no solution?

I’ve got the same problem here, Any suggestions?

Hi i have the same problem. 6 microinverter and randomly all or part of them show negative value at moring startup or at evening shutdown…… anyone found a solution?

For me RESOLVED See link