Solarproduction wrong displayed

I receive the Power Values from a ESP8266 working withTasmota.

I use the KWh Values for total counted KWh.

Bezug , Einspeisung und PV_Erzeugung.

I have create a template for every value.

But the HA count the whole Value

can you show how your sensors are configured?
they should use the correct measurement method (total, total_increasing, etc) - and they shouldn’t report a zero … for example, if there’s a connection loss or whatever.

The graph will be calculated dynamically, and depending on the configuration of the sensors measurement method, it can be, that the statistics calculation is wrong.

For example:

Your sensor is total_consumption, and reports just the counter (17.500 kwh total)…
Now, it resets to 0 - and with a next reading, it will report 17501 kwh total.

then, the statistic will try to calculate the difference between the last - and the current state.
Since the last state was 0 - the difference to the current reading is the 17501 kwh