Solax Integration...does it work with the 2nd-Gen Hybrid X? (SK-SU)

I’m a potential new user of HA, but holding back on hardware until I can be reasonably certain that I can monitor my Solax Hybrid X. Most posts on here seem to be focussed on the later inverters (e.g. X1) that report to the Solax Cloud. My device uses the Solax Portal.
As the inverter is in a detached garage, WiFi is spotty, so I use the integrated LAN connection via a Powerline adapter. This works well, but there is no visible connection to my router…i.e. no IP address or MAC identity shows up, so I can see this being an issue for monitoring locally, and may have to boost the WiFi somehow.
I would love to hear from anyone who has this inverter monitored in HA. Also, whether they have added a bi-directional meter to enable energy monitoring…