Solax integration partially broken after 23.05 update?


I’ve updated my home assistant from 23.04.? to 23.05.1 today.
The update itself went without problems but my solax integration is now missing all battery related values.

If I try to get the values via a rest call it is working. I now switched to a direct rest call but I do not like this approach because I now have to sensors for each value configured.
The old ones that are not working anymore but that are necessary for displaying historic data and the new ones that hold the current values.

Can any solax integration user confirm that they have the same error?

btw. would it be possible to deacticate the solax integration and rename the REST sensors, so that they match the solax names?
Kind regards

A rollback to 23.04.6 solved the issue.
I guess I have to watch the change logs for 23.05.x before updating again.