Solcast Global Solar Power Forecast Integration

@dm82m I didn’t have time to try it yet, but can’t you combine the two arrays in one in HA manually? like total=array1+array2 for all relevant sensors? I had it done like this for integration IIRC

Have not tried it as I do not have the usecase for it.

just create a combination helper with “sum” function.

Yes, that’s what I thought. So it’s not a big issue.

Moved as well. Not a huge difference in forecasts

I try to install the fork

But the download start but noothing is downloaded after 10 mn…

An idea?


I had issues around thread blocking after upgrading to 2024.6

I managed to fix them, is there a good recommended fork i should push the changes to?

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This is the version I am using now, and it has an open issue for the same problem from the looks of it.


cool – ill push it up over the next day or so

This replacement is working well for me, thanks for doing this :grinning:

I have the same problem as the original version
2 months ago i uninstall the integration but not in the rules perhaps

Since, when i try to reinstall the integration in HA i always hae the message

Only one instance is possbile…
And it’s the same withe this install

I don’t undersand why i have the probleme and how to correct for having just 1 integration.

Now i have 0 integration, juste the HACS component installed

Thank’s for the help?

This only damages the trust we have in community addons and integrations.

As much as I appreciate all the effort that goes into these components, I will try my best to remove all HACS components and only rely on official integrations.

What you have said is absolutely true.

But I think we hope that people will be adults and not a child who will grab all of their toys and go home.

What Oziee did was certainly childish and total BS. But I do understand the ‘want’ to do that. Free users can be the worst!!!

Just don’t give up on HACS. The users here that have stepped in to take over the add-on are amazing! And that is the awesomeness of open source.

I have been watching this closely because solar is my future plan. But nothing in this situation has scared me away from using HACS for whatever I decide to do looking into the future of what I plan for HA.

The community is absolutely amazing :heart_eyes:


I’m not really judging this particular person. Everyone is free to do whatever they want with their repos.

This is more an issue with @homeassistant and HACS in particular. If they want to do themselves and us a favour, they could do more to curate the integrations they allow on their platform.

Until then, my aim is to reduce the number of HACS integrations I use personally.

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Just in case it’s useful to anyone else.

This morning HACS said I needed to remove the original repo for this, which I did (I guess the PR to remove it from HACS had gone through). I had to restart HA anyway, so I removed as instructed, restarted HA and all appeared fine overall with HA except now Solcast wouldn’t start and my Solcast update automation said the service it was configured to call wasn’t known.

I figured as I’d already broken it I’d take a punt and re-add solcast via GitHub - BJReplay/ha-solcast-solar: Solcast Integration for Home Assistant as that repo seems to be the furthest ahead in terms of commits. I added it to HACS as a custom repo, then downloaded it, then restarted HA. On restart, my Solcast started working again and the automation to sync it also became happy again. As it’s the same code the sensor names are the same, and as I’ve avoided removing the Solcast integration from HA at any point I’ve still got all my history too.

My genuine sympathies to the original author that they felt pushed so far over the edge, your mental health has to come first. Thanks for investing your time in writing and supporting this integration.

TL;DR moving repo went smoothly for me. It’s effectively the same files in the same folder just coming from a different source. None of my sensor names changed and I got to keep my history, I didn’t have any dramas with HA unable to restart.


Sorry but it is my believe that you have the wrong mindset.

Home Assistant and all related projects are commonly open source. That is the core of what enables the integration of hundreds of proprietary technologies in one solution. No commercial solution would be able to accomplish that.

HACS is a convenient way to install third party components, as well as create an overview, show popular components, etc. However, it is up to the individual authors and communities to manage the quality, longevity and integrity of those individual projects.

The problem here is not unique. Smartphone apps could disappear from your app store any second, browser add-ons could be banned for illegal data collection, software could be wrongfully marked as malware by Microsoft Defender.
The big difference here is that the component is not lost. The source code is still available through other repositories and multiple people in this chat are working on a revival. You are complaining about the wrong element of this problem and are shaming the wrong people for it. Think about it.

That said, of course components outside of the HA core are more fluid than core components and if your needs and time for maintenance are limited, you would do good to reduce your dependencies as much as possible.


To be honest, GitHub really shouldn’t allow public repos to be completely deleted without a notice a period and automatic notifications to anyone who has forked or starred the repo. That’d help significantly.


You don’t have to remove the legacy repo and it will continue to function if you keep it in place.

You just won’t receive any updates so it is useful to transition to one of the new repo’s in slow time.

Thanks for your PR

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I’m not sure you actually read my message.

I explicitly said I am not judging this particular person. I’m not shaming anyone. Far from it.
I also said that HACS and home assistant could do a better job of curating these open source projects, if they want to strengthen the platform… There are many open source projects out in the world which are highly curated by the maintainers.

I then said that I will try to reduce my dependency on HACS, which is just my point of view, and in my mind a way to alleviate the problem described above.

Not sure how me doing all I can to have a stable home automation platform is in anyway “a wrong mindset”.