SOLD: Nuc Alternative (HP Prodesk Mini)

Edit: Both are sold!

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I bought two of these HP Prodesk Minis in the past and they are perfect for Home Assistant. Only selling because I found a great deal on another machine.

Important Specs:

  • CPU: i5-4590T (4 cores/threads)
  • SSD: 120 GB SanDisk Drive
  • 4GB of RAM (can expand for additional cost but its not needed for just HA)
  • Under 7"x7"x1.5" package
  • Intel NIC (I beleive this is important for NUC image/driver compatibility)
  • Uses ~18w or less (my ups only reports in 9 watt increments)

This will run circles around a PI and there is no worrying about SD card wear. When I moved from away from a PI the biggest change I noticed was how much quicker config checks run (generally the animation doesn’t make a full circle) and restarts are much quicker also.

Home Assistant Compatibility:
Tested today with the following:

  • Home Assistant OS 5.11
  • Supervisor 2021.02.6
  • Core 2021.2.3

There was no issues flashing the HA NUC Image to a SSD and running HA. There are no compatibility issues noted on the supervisor and the wired and wifi connections (not recommend, run wired) both work. I have also run these with past versions of HassOS/Supervisor/Core and never ran into issues.

There is also compatability for basically any other OS or Hypervisor you would install on a PC. I have run these machines with Ubuntu, Debian, and VMware ESXi.

What you get:
HP Prodesk Mini 600 Gen 1 (128 GB Sandisk SSD swapped in)
Power Supply
Windows License (License on bottom of Machine is for Windows 7 but activates Windows 10 also)
USPS tracked Shipping to the lower 48 in the US only

Price: $100 shipped to US48

If you are interested, send me a PM and we can work out details. I can also provide links to feedback where I have sold things on other forums if interested.

Downsides to a Prodesk Mini?

  • About the only upgrades/options you have are to swap out a compatible CPU and/or increase the size of the SSD. There is no other expansion options.
  • If you are coming from a Pi, there are no GPIO pins on these devices
  • I know the typical power draw is higher than a Pi and is likely higher than a typical NUC would draw. (this is the tradeoff for having a desktop processor and additional compute power.)

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What is the max ram that can be used with those?

16GB is the official max for the board.

The 4590T can support up to 32 GB but I can’t find any reports of that amount working with one of these boards.

I’m the proud owner of two of this guy’s big brothers: a prodesk 400 G2.5 SFF and an elitedesk 800 G1 USDT. I love these things. They are absolute sleepers for the money. One of these with 8gb of RAM can easily handle and entire home automation stack with plenty of room to spare. Good luck with the sale!

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I think I’ll take one. :slightly_smiling_face:

Both are sold!