Solid State Relays for my roller motors. Should I or not? and Why?

Hello Everyone,

I am about to create an ESPhome controlled 22 relay installation, to control the up and down of 11 wired AC roller motors.

I created the first one as proof of concept, using a double mechanical relay (the old blue ones) and the esphome interlock feature, along with a timed cover switch.

It works great, so now im about to move to the actual implementation.

Having used many mechanical relays over the years, i wanted to try the SSRs, mainly to avoid the clicking noise.

Cost is a little higher (double?) but that’s something im willing to give.

I have found several examples of switches that are available here, and i thought i should ask first, before buying, because I dont see the community using them a lot.

or alternatively

Will those work as expected?
Is there anything else i should keep in mind?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

When using line voltage with a low voltage relay I opt for boards that have physical breaks in the circuit board. This is just an additional safeguard that makes it harder for the current jump across the board.

I just saw another picture of the 4ch relay and they do appear to have breaks from the low/high side. If you look where the #4 is you can see a space. The 8 probably has it as well but it doesn’t offer any additional views.


Can you indicate me how you understand if there is a break on the board? Perhaps a picture of the blue ones and what i should look for?

Other than that, they should work like the mechanical ones right?

pic from your link.

underside view

Got it! thanks a lot!
BTW, i ended up using mechanical relays, i’ll have to live with the clicks :smiley:

May I ask which motors you are using, and how quiet they are?


I’m afraid i cant help you with either.
The motors were delivered with the rollers, so i dont know the make, but they are 4-wire, wired motors.
As for the noise, i dont have anything to compare them with, they are not annoying for a living room though

Hi Harry,

I am planing something similiar.
First of all, if you are having the space, so you can use 1 Board for all Motors, try to avoid “interlock”
This is just a software safety for making sure you don’t burn your motors.

Some ideas:
1.) Use the setup of giodot for cicuit saftey instead of software interlock.
This would also mean SSR are not possible, at least the ones posted.
Gio-dot Six Shutters ESP32 - wiring

2.) If your motors are having buildin-endstops you would wish time based cover in ESPhome would have the option: max_duration… but this is all fine tuning.
ESPHOME Feature request time based cover

so, I would ignore the clicking but making sure you are “safe” in your circuit :wink:

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