Solis Cloud scraper

Hi all,

I got bored of waiting for the Solis Cloud API (which ironically looks like it’s now available!) and made this scraper/data endpoint to retrieve daily stats from

You can find it here - GitHub - richardlevy/solis-cloud-scraper: Node script to scrape daily solar stats from Solis Cloud website and expose data locally via an easily accessible endpoint.

I wrote an Alexa skill that calls this and now Alexa can give me an update on my solar (I’ll make this available separately).


Hi do you have an example of how i could integrate this into Home Assistant?

I am sure could get your solution working but unsure how would then integrate into HA


sorry, but I’ve never used HA before.

The scraper provides the literal string values from the website. You’d need to implement a transformation to numeric values if you want to do any processing with it (other than just show the data).

If you can integrate to a generic REST API in HA and do that kind of transformation/validation it should be straight-forward.


Hi, did you get the alexa skill to work? to date the official APIs have not yet been released and I would like to be able to ask my vocal assistant for information about my production


just posted details to a new topic here.