Solis Integration for Gen 3 Data Logging Stick (S3-WIFI-ST)

Hello, I’ve recently had a new solar PV system installed with a Ginlong Solis RHI-6K-48ES inverter.
The data logging stick included is a newer Solis WiFi Data Logging Stick model no. S3-WIFI-ST.
Currently my system statistics are accessible through the website. However, this is slow (5-min update) and I would much prefer to pull the information directly into homeassistant locally. While there is an API (also slow), I don’t believe Solis are interested in providing access to end users.

Existing integrations and workarounds for local communication and control of the Solis inverters are based around the Solarman-based Solis DLS-W Data Logging Stick. These do not appear to work for the new stick.

S3-WIFI-ST is using a different chip MXCHIP EMW3080-E vs the Hi-Flying HF-A11 on the Solarman stick. The S3 stick can also be differentiated externally by 3 LEDs for status.

Has anyone been able to make the new data logging stick work with local communication?


Also stuck on this. I have a GitHub issue logged for the solar man integration to accept alphanumeric serial numbers, if it is indeed that simple

It isn’t that simple unfortunately.

The S3-WIFI-ST does not expose a local port for querying like the DLS-W does.

I see. Will explore the adapter and modbus solution

This is working well with a spare Pi Zero W and a £5 adapter from Amazon:

Please see my Github page, there you’ll find:

  • a script to read the statistics from the Ginlong Solis S3 WiFi stick via HTTP.
  • how to completely replace the Solis S3 WiFi stick firmware with an ESPhome alternative.
  • a solution based on the ESP8266 to read out all the inverter data via ModBus.
  • more technical details.