Solis inverter ESPhome integration

Hi all.

Has anyone managed to make a modbus connection to a Solis inverter model: Solis-1P3.6K-2G.
I have 2 inverters , the other one is model : S5-GR1P3.6K-M.
Using the very useful integration detailed at GitHub - hn/ginlong-solis: Solis inverter ESP8266 data logger, S3 WiFi stick reverse engineering and ESPhome firmware
i can connect happily to the S5 inverter and even change the inverter address to 02 , recompile the ESPhome yaml and still get data.
No joy with the 1P3 inverter, data requests are sent but nothing is returned.
Its almost like the modbus addresses are wrong or the RS485 is not working.

If I remove the RS485 connection and put in place the Solis stick and daisy chain both inverters then data goes to the Solis cloud.