Solution for PV Router (Immersion heater), false Energy Measurements

Hi, I have just setup a Shelley EM for HA using the Energy Dashboard.

I also have a PV router which is used for heating water, via the immersion heater during the day.

This exploits a feature in the electricity meter allowing you to put some power back into the grid (Via solar panels) and immediately take it back out without the meter registering what you have done, know as an energy bucket.

This works fine but the Shelly will read what is actually going through the meter including the 3kW pulse going to the immersion (which the electricity meter does not see).

Not only does this give you false readings on your Energy Dashboard it will also upset any automation you may have running based on spare power.

A solution I have come is very simple, and just requires a re route of a single wire, see drawings. But all you do is just pass the Live cable that goes to the immersion through the current clamp so that it cancels out the pulse.

Clearly this is no good if you use your immersion at night, but I have a boiler that normally heats the water. My PV router is set to Anti Flicker mode not sure how well this would work for other modes.

Just though I would share.

With Wire re-routed