SOLVED - Add Picture icon to map (car icon)


on the map, I would like to put a picture of the people or of my car to show on the map.
Do you know :slight_smile:

  1. How do I upload the pictures
  2. How do I set this picture as the “device” on the map ?

I had a look at my devices, but found nowhere where to assign a “picture”. On the map for the moment it shows circles with the acronyms of the device.

Many thanks !

Map card (or Map view) shows entities with “latitude” & “longitude” attributes.
Usually images are set to “person” & “device_tracker” entities via customization.
For “person” entities it may be done in UI for “people”.
For “device_tracker” - only via yaml customization (somewhere here described).

Thanks a lot … this is to show the picture of my car on the map, instead of a circle with letters in it.
I have successfully put the picture in the www folder. it is accessible via /local/bmw-picture.png

I am wondering where I need to “map” this picture with the entity, now …

On the entity config itself, I can not assign it :

on the map itself, I can only see this :

… as you can see, it is only 4 lines … I think I need to put the link to the picture there somewhere ?
the link you mention is not helping lee that much

only this variant.

ok - I found out how to show my car’s picture on the Map card.
First, upload the picture (in png format from my side) in the HA, I did it using the “File editor” add-on I have installed. Using this, put the picture under “www”, so that is is accessible from “/local/”.

Then, edit the configuration.yaml adding this code :

  customize: !include customize.yaml

… This is to call a “customize.yaml” config file. As it was not existing yet, I have created it at the same level of “configuration.yaml” like this :

then edit this customization.yaml and I have put the following code to assign the picture to the tracker tracker of my car :

  entity_picture: /local/BMW-picture.png

… and magic, the icon is now showing on the map :

Hope it can help !


What are the purple lines? Do you keep track of the location history in this map card?

yes, indeed