[SOLVED] Anyone know what forum software this community runs on?

As someone who spends alot of time in forums and having tech background this community forum software that we use has always impressed me as it stands out from any other forum software I have used.

Just wondering if anyone knows what company develops it?

Have no immediate use for this information, just curiosity for the databank.


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Wow super quick @bacco007 . If this was a gameshow you’d driving home the car :blue_car:

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Don’t forget to use the solution box so others searching for the same info know that this question was answered! Another great feature of this software.

I looked for it on @bacco007 post but it’s not available. Any idea why it would be missing?

Probably because this is the Social sub-forum where casual discussions don’t normally have a Problem/Solution format (i.e. the option was excluded during the configuration of this section).

Cool learning new things every day

Interesting, obviously there are cases where there can be solutions, but it is less common.

I just had another thread I started solved and it was under Node Red category and solution was missing from this too.

However I realised I edit the title of the thread and add [SOLVED] at the start so people can see that it’s solved.

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Perhaps they overlooked to configure that section appropriately because it makes sense to allow for tagged Solutions there. They are certainly permitted elsewhere in the forum.

If you feel strongly about it, contact one of the forum admins: