(solved) Automation sensor state config error

why doesn’t this work?

automation tv volume adjust for heat:
   alias: pump up the volume
     platform: state
     entity_id: sensor.nest_thermostat_hvac_state
     state: 'heating'
       service: notify.notify
       title:   'heat'
       message: 'on'

i just get a box that says there is an automation config error. nothing in the logfile
i’ve tried all sorts of things, including removing the action, using the friendly name
using to: and from for the state
making the alias an entry in an array
quoting all the strings with the spaces.

all to no avail. ideas?

Your action is in the wrong order. Action, service, data, message.

I’m on my phone so typing an example is a pain. Check this link for an example with proper order and indentation.

thanks! that was it.
i guess the action is required, so removing it to debug didn’t help.
the troubleshooting methods in that link are of very little help in this case. the yaml was fine, and the check_config gives me the same nonhelpful error that doesn’t specify the problem nor a line number.

thanks for your replies!