[Solved] Automation trigger bug?

I don’t understand why this automation doesn’t work:

- id: '1523312703890'
  alias: Lumière auto Aquarium
  - platform: time
    at: '02:38:00'
  - entity_id: switch.lumiereAquarium
    service: switch.turn_on
  - delay: 00:00:02
  - entity_id: switch.lumiereAquarium
    service: switch.turn_off

I can manually trigger it on the dashboard, but the time function doesn’t trigger it
Thank you in advance

In the dev tools template editor, does the following:

{{ now() }}

return the correct time?

well… thank you I found the problem…
2018-10-29 01:52:10.408312+00:00
How can I change it ?
I got baited by:

That is actually the correct UTC time. Have you configured a time zone?

No, I’m on UTC + 1:00 I changed the time zone on my configuration and it works well…
The thing is on the history dashboard the time was correct…
Thank you a lot

That’s odd. I would expect the geoip time zone (that HA uses if no time zone is defined) to be global.

Set up the other basic config stuff while you’re there: